Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Boston Marathon bombing: White House calling attack an 'act of terrorism'

Boston Marathon bombing: White House calling attack an 'act of terrorism', The Boston Marathon was struck by what the White House is calling an “act of terror.” According to an April 15 report by Fox News, the White House have decided to call the Boston Marathon bombing a terrorist attack. At least two people have been killed and at least 80 people were injured.

Two explosions took place at or near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Another bomb went off at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library. That library is about three miles from the Boston Marathon route.

“When multiple devices go off, that's an act of terrorism,” a senior administration official said. That statement was made just moments after Barack Obama delivered a statement that did not mention “terror” or “terrorist attack.”

Despite the statement from the White House, it is still unknown if the Boston Marathon bombing was an act of terrorism from a foreign group, such as Al Qaeda, or if the Boston Marathon bombing was part of a “home-grown” terrorist group. Information is still coming in and both the local authorities and the FBI are investigating.

The extent of all the injuries are not known. However, up to 10 of those injuries were amputated limbs. Those injured in the Boston Marathon bombing were taken to several local hospitals.

There is person being guarded at a local hospital. This 20-year-old male was described as a Saudi national. It is unknown if he is a suspect or a victim. Some news sources are calling him person of interest.

Eyewitnesses are stating they saw legs and arms flying through the air and laying on the streets. The photos available of the Boston Marathon bombing can be quite graphic. Many show puddles of blood in the streets and people covered in blood.

The situation remains very fluid. Information is coming in quickly and being reported as quickly as possible. Many of those reports can not be confirmed. All that is truly known is that at least people have been killed and dozens others were injured in the Boston Marathon bombing and the investigation continues.

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