Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Boston looting video: Boston Marathon items for sale on eBay, Pandora’s box

Boston looting video: Boston Marathon items for sale on eBay, Pandora’s box, The Boston looting YouTube video below titled “Boston Marathon Crooks aka LOOTERS” would be hard to believe if it wasn’t for the fact that less than 24 hours after the Boston Marathon bombing, Boston Marathon items are being sold on eBay. “Less than 24 hours after three were killed and 176 injured by the Boston Marathon explosions Monday afternoon, auctions of alleged looted marathon merchandise were already up and running online,” reported the International Business Times on April 16, 2013.

When watching the Boston looting YouTube video for the first time, one does not want to believe that people are indeed looting while other people are seriously injured after the Boston Marathon bombing.

However, after watching the video a second or a third time, it becomes almost impossible to see any signs that the people in the video are picking up Boston Marathon items to give them to someone else or to help the injured; not when someone smokes a cigarette while walking away slowly with some items.

With no Boston Marathon official being present, people can be seen picking out items as they would in a rummage sale. Not the right size, not the right color, maybe I should just take as much as I can carry.

Almost as horrific as watching the Boston looting video is reading some of the YouTube comments under the video which explicitly state that only certain people of a certain color would loot.

Without any delay, the Boston Marathon looting items are showing up on eBay as shown by BuzzFeed. According to BuzzFeed, people are auctioning off Boston Marathon medals and Boston Marathon jerseys. “And what's more, both listings went up yesterday evening.”

Yesterday evening means in this case Monday night, only a few hours after the 2:50 p.m. Boston Marathon bombing that took the life of three people and destroyed the lives of so many others.

People looting, people blaming, and people selling items on eBay. It appears that the Boston Marathon explosions have opened up the box of Pandora.

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