Thursday, 18 April 2013

Boston fans sing National Anthem together before Bruins game vs. Sabres

Boston fans sing National Anthem together before Bruins game vs. Sabres, The horrific things that happened earlier this week with the Boston Marathon explosions have the country in disarray and turmoil. At times like this, people need to band together and rely on one another for help, support, and concern. Anyone that isn't sure how to do that should take lessons from the fans at the Boston Bruins and Buffalo Sabres game on April 17, 2013, as they sang the National Anthem all together as one, per

At Boston's first major sporting event since the Boston Marathon bombings, there was a great feeling of unity.

VIDEO: Fans sing the National Anthem together before Bruins/Sabres game

Before the game began, the Boston Fire Department Honor Guard walked out onto the ice to represent the city's first responders to scene of the bombings. Following them out onto the ice was singer Rene Rancourt who started singing the National Anthem.

Shortly into his rendition, Rancourt simply put the microphone down and directed the crowd, who had their singing grow in volume. The fans sang completely in unison as blue and yellow ribbons, American flags, and posters speaking support flew in the air.

It was a moment of solidarity, unity, and goosebumps that was definitely needed at a time like this.

Boston radio personality took to Twitter to express his feelings on it:

"Until tonight Whitney Houston's redendtion (sic) of the national anthem was considered a gold standard. We have a new winner,"

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