Thursday, 11 April 2013

Beaver kills man: Fisherman bitten to death by a beaver

Beaver kills man: Fisherman bitten to death by a beaver, A man from Belarus was bitten to death by a beaver. The fisherman was trying to photograph the beaver when it bit him on the thigh.

According to an April 11 report by USA Today, the beaver severed an artery and the fisherman bleed to death. The beaver attack took place at Lake Shestakov.

Friends of the fisherman tried to stop the bleeding, but couldn't. The damage done to the fisherman's artery was too great and they could not control the bleeding.

“Beavers seem like such peaceful animals,” Devon Winters, from Oklahoma City, said. “I've ran across them a lot when I was fishing. They never approached me or seemed the bit aggressive.”

Beaver attacks are usually rare. Despite that, they do happen and appear to be increasing.

A Russian man was recently attacked by a beaver. Two girls, in Virginia, were seriously injured during a beaver attack. When beavers do attack, they usually have rabies.

At the time of publication, it was unknown what became of the killer beaver.

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