Thursday, 11 April 2013

Barbie chihuahua: 'Mexico Barbie' gets critics stirred up

Barbie chihuahua: 'Mexico Barbie' gets critics stirred up, A Barbie chihuahua creation by Mattell is getting criticism, but it's not necessarily about the dog the doll is holding. Mattell advertises the new doll as ”fashionably ready for a fiesta” and as an April 10 report notes, it's the accessories and other details that make the Barbie "controversial."

The girl holding the chihuahua is dressed in a pink dress and what disturbs a critic of the Latin Times most is the "faux passport and 'sticker sheet.'" That alone is enough to cause suspicion that Mattell just might be siding with one side of the immigration issue, the article pointed out. It also posed the question that the Barbie manufacturer may have just been "creative" in with this new doll that is part of the "Barbies Of The World" collection.

Mattell spokeswoman, Sara Rosales, said in a statement:

“Girls enjoy exploring the world and learning about different cultures through play. The Barbie brand understands the significance of introducing new cultures to girls in a relatable way.”

Is there too much being made out of the Barbie chihuahua controversy? Other Barbies created from various regions of the world have trademark accessories reflecting their culture. If they aren't holding fake passports, then it's easy to understand why this would get some negative publicity.

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