Monday, 15 April 2013

6-year-old pageant millionaire: Outrageous lifestyle of young girl

6-year-old pageant millionaire: Outrageous lifestyle of young girl, A 6-year-old pageant millionaire from "Toddlers & Tiaras" is gaining a substantial amount of attention after an April 14 report by Daily Mail came out. Isabella Barrett is rich due to her pageant record, television appearances, and having her very own jewelry and makeup line.

The girl proudly says she never "loses at anything" and is a "superstar." She also "loves being the boss" and what she "loves more than anything is shoes." Isabella has over 60 pairs of them.

Isabella's mother, Susanna, co-owns her business ventures and claims she doesn't want her daughter to grow up spoiled -- or become another Britney Spears. She did say that her daughter likes nice things and they "do have to treat her."

Among the many things Isabella indulges in are room service at fancy hotels and they're usually on filet mignon and lobster.

The 6-year-old pageant millionaire has regular spray tans, hair extensions, and acrylic nails done. Her made-to-measure teeth cost $500. Every one of her custom-made outfits cost $10,000 and each performance she puts on must be "Broadway" quality.

Over $50,000 in fees have been spent on beauty pageants the last two years. With the profit she's making off her Glitzy Girl line, she's raking in the big bucks.

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