Friday, 26 April 2013

38 die in mental hospital fire, many burned alive in their beds in Russian blaze

38 die in mental hospital fire, many burned alive in their beds in Russian blaze, A fire in a mental hospital outside of Moscow took the life of 38 patients, many who were burned alive while still in their beds. According to ABC News on April 26, 2013, this horrific fire spread quickly in the hospital, which was made of brick and wood. The building did have bars on some of the windows.

Out of the 38 dead, this number included two doctors and 36 patients. Many of the patients were sedated and authorities report that 29 were burned alive. The hospital housed patients with “severe mental disorders.”

Firefighters took close to an hour to get to the fire because of the location of this facility. A ferry would have gotten them there sooner but it was not in operation, so the fire department needed to take a different route which took much longer to get to the inferno.

The age of the patients burned in this fire ranged from 20 to 76. A nurse was able to escape the fire and save one of the patients and another patient got out on their own. The nurse who escaped said that the doors weren't locked.

Investigators are looking at a possible cause of the fire as being a short circuit, but the investigation is on-going. They are also looking at any violations of fire regulations in this overwhelming tragedy. Fire alarms were reported as “working,” it was just that the fire spread so quickly, resulting in so many casualties.

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