Monday, 29 April 2013

3 abalone divers killed off California coast over weekend

3 abalone divers killed off California coast over weekend, Three abalone divers were killed in separate incidents over the weekend in California. The Press Democrat detailed the news on April 29 of the tragic deaths that have those in the area in quite a bit of shock.

Two of the abalone diver deaths happened in Sonoma County while the third was near Fort Bragg. A fourth diver was rescued from the water and luckily was not harmed. It has been a busy abalone season along the coast of California, but it seems many divers are underestimating the strength of the water.

Tim Murphy, a lifeguard with the state parks, notes that abalone divers need to carefully watch the water for a bit before going in, as there have been rapidly changing conditions and strong rip currents. Divers are encouraged to having buddies with them, stick close together, and have a plan for when trouble arises.

California Diver notes that one of the three abalone divers killed was a 66-year-old Pacifica retired firefighter, while another was a 36-year-old. Few details have been released regarding the third victim.

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