Monday, 29 April 2013

14-year-old forced to get pregnant: Mom pregnancy crime goes viral

14-year-old forced to get pregnant: Mom pregnancy crime goes viral, A 14-year-old who was forced to get pregnant by her own mother is criminal news of the worst kind, and it’s a story that’s gone viral online. On Tuesday, April 30, the world learned that a mother of a young teenage daughter forced her own child to get pregnant for her after learning that she would be denied the opportunity to adopt another child.

The unspeakable crime in question occurred in Britain, where a mother who had already adopted three children was hoping to be allowed the chance to adopt a fourth. But unfortunately for her, she was denied that chance.

So what did the mom do? Rather than be content with the kids she had, she decided to hatch a plan: she would force her own daughter to get pregnant, carry the child for 9 months, and essentially birth her new daughter-sister.

While the mother didn’t force the daughter to have sex with a teenage boy, she did make her daughter impregnate herself with a syringe full of sperm. And according to the Associated Press, the mother purchased the sperm online through a Denmark-based company called Cryos International.

So, ultimately, what’s going to be the mother’s punishment for her crime? Well, we won’t know the exact details for some time, but we do know that the judge in the case was disgusted by the mother’s actions.

Calling out the mom for acting in "a wicked and selfish way," High Court judge Peter Jackson set the tone for what may be a very disturbing case.

While the mom forced the daughter, whose name has not been released, to get pregnant at 14, she did not successfully carry a baby to term and give birth until she was 17-years-old.

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